Medical gas pressure regulator MEDICOP medical equipment

Medical gas pressure regulator MEDICOP medical equipment
MEDICOP medical equipment

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Safety first and always Our pressure regulators are designed to be reliable, accurate and, most of all, safe for use. The entire body of the regulator is of brass and chrome plated. Inside the regulator is a core or membrane, which enables absolutely accurate pre-setting of the outlet pressure level. Each model is equipped with a mechanical safety valve, to make it absolutely impossible for high-pressure gas to come out of the regulator to the medical device or patient. How clean is the gas that flows through the regulator? On the inlet of each regulator is a sinter filter, so the gas that flows through the regulator is always absolutely clean. Once it is dirty the sinter filter can be easily removed with a screwdriver. It is not necessary to remove any other part of regulator to access the sinter filter. Each regulator has a manometer with a very clear display, so the user can always see easily how much gas there is left in a cylinder. The body of the manometer is chrome plated. A rubber-ring is optionally available to protect the manometer against shocks. Regulators with adjustable outlet flow, or adjustable outlet pressure are also equipped with a manometer showing the outlet pressure or outlet flow. How fast can you connect the regulator to a cylinder? For connection of the regulator to a cylinder, several different types of connections are available. Each connection has a handle, so that the user can connect/disconnect the regulator to/from the cylinder without tools. Special models of pressure regulators are also available: with a flow meter, a humidifier or even a suction unit included.
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