Medical autoclave / bench-top / programmable 7 l | Baby Siltex

Medical autoclave / bench-top / programmable 7 l | Baby Siltex
7 l | Baby

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Baby 7L Basic Sterilizer is a downward displacement steam sterilizer, with a closed door drying cycle and an optional printer. The Siltex Baby sterilizer is easy to use, solid and affordable. Sterilizer comes with circular rack system and 2 trays,2 wire racks, tray handle, dump tank and technical manual. It include external waste water dump tank and thermal cut out safety switches. It has printer option available and user selectable cycle lengths. It includes analogue pressure gauge. It temperature are digital readout. It attached with closed door drying cycle with 121ºC or 134ºC sterilizing cycles. It is Pre Programmed Cycle Lengths. It required standard 240V, 10A power outlet. It has capacity of 5 litre external dump tank. Chamber capacity 17cm diameter, 27cm length. It Unit weight is 20kg. The Baby Sterilizer complies to Australian Standards and is registered with TGA, Workcover and Worksafe.
  • Application domain:medical
  • Configuration:bench-top
  • Other characteristic:programmable