Medical autoclave / bench-top 22 l | Euroklav 23VS+ Siltex

Medical autoclave / bench-top 22 l | Euroklav 23VS+ Siltex
22 l | Euroklav 23VS+

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The Euroklav 23 VS+ is a high-tech Class S autoclave that has been designed in accordance with the strict standards for Class S autoclaves as specified in European Standard EN 13060. This autoclave is especially suited for sterilizing hollow and wrapped instruments where a vacuum is required to ensure that no air is present in the 22 liter chamber at the beginning of the sterilization process. A post-vacuum period is as also standard for optimal drying of wrapped and porous instruments. Documentation of sterilization cycles, as required by law can be provided by means of the built-in interface to the MELAprint printer, by means of a RS 232 connection to a PC, or by storing the data in a MELAflash CF flash card. A combination of chamber trays and containers enables optimal use of the chamber in meeting a variety of autoclave requirements.
  • Application domain:medical
  • Configuration:bench-top