Medical autoclave / bench-top 18 l | Vacuklav 40-B Siltex

Medical autoclave / bench-top 18 l | Vacuklav 40-B Siltex
18 l | Vacuklav 40-B

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The Vacuklav 40 B is a Class B autoclave that features faster than normal sterilization and drying times. The unit requires access to tap water for operation, or it can be connected to a MELAdem 40 or MELAdem 47 water treatment system. When tap water is used a portion is of it is demineralized for use as steam in the sterilizing process. The remainder is used to cool the unit's vacuum pump. The Vacuklav 40 B normally takes only about 10 minutes to sterilize instruments that have been given on short notice. It will sterilize 5 kg of wrapped instruments in about 20 minutes. These times represent about a 50% time saving over most Class B autoclaves. A Combi mount for 6 trays or 3 standard tray cassettes comes with the unit. Other combinations of trays or containers are available. The unit operates from a 230 V 50Hz power supply.
  • Configuration:bench-top
  • Application domain:medical