Laboratory window / hospital / viewing Visilux Kingsway Group

Laboratory window / hospital / viewing Visilux Kingsway Group

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Visilux Vision Panels The Visilux range of vision panels has been designed to give maximum patient privacy and optimum field of vision to staff users. By a simple turn of the patient knob or staff key the centre polycarbonate pane of the panel moves up to allow vision as the striped area lines up with the striped area on the glass face. The Visilux range uses the strongest and most durable materials in its construction to ensure high performance in tough environments and to give lasting satisfaction. All models within the Visilux range are supplied with an intumescent door liner and intumescent seals for conformance to its BSEN 1634 fire certification. The Visilux range is available as either a standard unit or a special ‘X’ model for more demanding environments. Visilux standard The standard Visilux range is made using two layers of 6mm toughened Pyrocet fire glass with a centre pane of 4mm polycarbonate. This is housed within a stainless steel (grade 316) casement which has an overall width dimension of 24mm. This unit has been designed to be installed using timber beads in doors from 44mm widths. Visilux X The Visilux X range has been developed for areas where there is a greater risk of breakage and uses 10mm toughened Pyrocet fire glass both sides of the panel. This product offers a significant improvement in strength over the standard unit yet can still be installed using timber beads. Whilst it can be fitted in to a 44mm door using planted timber beads, using a 54mm door is preferable.
  • Medical establishment:hospital, laboratory
  • Application:viewing
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United Kingdom
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