Hospital window / laboratory / viewing / smart glass Lumex Kingsway Group

Hospital window / laboratory / viewing / smart glass Lumex Kingsway Group

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Lumex Switchable Glass Electronic switchable glass – from opaque to clear in less than 0.1 seconds Lumex switchable glass uses the latest technology in switchable liquid crystal film combined with high strength glazing to give you a product that is both extremely effective and durable. Privacy Observation Panels Lumex switchable glass has a special application for patient observation where there is a need for accuracy, clarity and security. At the turn of a key* the whole panel instantly changes from being opaque to transparent allowing 100% field of vision. This concept represents the future of patient observation being silent, secure, highly effective and yet non-institutional in appearance. Options The Lumex privacy panels are available in two sizes 1200 x 800mm and 600 x 800mm and are available as either a standard unit which contains a single piece of Lumex glass (two layers of 6mm toughened glass either side on the PDLC film) or as a mental health version which has Pyrosec 19mm physical attack resistant toughened glass to the patient side. Other Uses There are many other uses for the Lumex switchable glass and our projects team can work with you to your specifications. Lumex glass panels can be made up to 3000 x 1200mm.
  • Application:viewing
  • Characteristics:smart glass
  • Medical establishment:hospital, laboratory
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