Hospital window / laboratory / viewing / smart glass Visilux Platinum Kingsway Group

Hospital window / laboratory / viewing / smart glass Visilux Platinum Kingsway Group
Visilux Platinum

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The Visilux platinum vision panels represents a breakthrough development in vision panel operation enabling unobstructed vision in to patient areas. Each panel consists of a single piece of Lumex switchable glass which is operated by the two way control box which is secured either beside or below the panel. Lumex glass is a specialist electronically operated (55v) product that is totally opaque and changes to clear in less than 0.1 seconds when the staff key or patient turn is operated. The overall benefits are huge: 100% field of vision for staff and patients for better safety Totally opaque when off ensuring better levels of security Silent in operation for minimal disturbance Glazing spec Lumex glass panels used in the production of the Visilux platinum panels consist of two layers of 6mm toughened glass either side of the PDLC (Particle Dispersed Liquid Crystal) film layer. The overall thickness of each panel is 13.5mm giving it scope to be installed in a wide range of door widths. Electrical supply Supply to the Duralux platinum panel is 55v via a concealed door loop or head contact from a panel transformer which can be situated either above the ceiling or flush fitted in to the wall. The control for the unit is a two way switch arrangement in a stainless steel box that has front and back fascia plates housing the switches (either push switch or key turn).
  • Medical establishment:hospital, laboratory
  • Application:viewing
  • Characteristics:smart glass
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