Laboratory incubator shaker -5 °C ... +60 °C, 25 - 400 rpm | MaxQ™ 8000 Thermo Scientific

Laboratory incubator shaker -5 °C ... +60 °C, 25 - 400 rpm | MaxQ™ 8000 Thermo Scientific
-5 °C ... +60 °C, 25 - 400 rpm | MaxQ™ 8000

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Save valuable lab space with Thermo Scientific™ MaxQ™ 8000 Incubated Stackable Shakers, designed to be stacked two to three high on the floor without sacrificing performance. These stackable shakers have the durability to run at top speed stacked three-high, contain a HEPA filter that ensures the air inside the chamber remains clean and reduces cross contamination, feature a slide out platform that provides convenient 100% sample access. The stacking kits are included with each unit at no additional cost. Features: Three times the capacity of a floor shaker in virtually the same footprint Built for both sensitive eukaryotic culture applicationswith contamination-reducing HEPA filtration, coved corner design, single-piece chamber and tight temperature uniformityand for demanding prokaryotic culture applications Rugged construction, wide speed range and no limits on hard shake speed, even when stacked three-high Microprocessor Control/Monitoring System: Run and setpoints displayed simultaneously Tracks total accumulated time on motor and drive systems Audible/visual over- and undertemperature tracking alarms ensure product protection Separate adjustable overtemperature safety alarm with independent probe provides additional backup on heated units Audible/visual, high/low rpm tracking alarms alert to speed deviations Alarms can be silenced temporarily and ring back as a reminder of unresolved alarm conditions Remote alarm contacts for convenient monitoring from another location
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