Automatic glass coverslipper Shandon™ ClearVue™ Thermo Scientific

Automatic glass coverslipper Shandon™ ClearVue™ Thermo Scientific
Shandon™ ClearVue™

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The Shandon Thermo Scientific ClearVue Coverslipper is fast, efficient, and easy to use. The intuitive user interface features touch-screen controls. Human intervention is primarily limited to loading a basket of slides on the units rail. The ClearVue coverslipper does the rest. The units software allows multiple baskets to be loaded from a variety of stainers in a mix-or-match fashion without requiring special adjustments on the part of the operator. The ClearVue coverslipper automatically recognizes different types of slide preparations. It can handle both histology and cytology samples simultaneously. The unit accepts baskets that are loaded singly or in batches of from two to five baskets. Safety features include an automatic shut-off when any of the doors are open and a downdraft function that protects the user from potentially harmful vapors.
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