Implantable cardiac stimulator / resynchronization Lumax 740 HF-T Biotronik

Implantable cardiac stimulator / resynchronization Lumax 740 HF-T Biotronik
Lumax 740 HF-T

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Our passion for CRM has delivered the world's first ICD and CRT-D series approved for MRI*. The new Lumax 740 series is part of of BIOTRONIK's technologically advanced product portfolio of tachyarrhythmia therapy devices with the innovative ProMRI® technology. A portfolio of single- and dual-chamber ICDs as well as a CRT-D device, complemented by 16 leads enable physicians to provide patients access to MRI while having the freedom to select the optimal ICD system according to the patients' indication. Furthermore, Lumax 740 provides unique therapy options such as the world’s only single-chamber ICD with complete atrial diagnostics—the Lumax 740 VR-T DX. The new sensor analyses changes in impedance during the cycle of the heart and is being evaluated in clinical studies. This new feature aims to enhance therapy for heart failure patients in the future. Innovative solutions for heart failure patients are integrated in the Lumax 740 HF-T device that enables enhanced CRT effectiveness and includes a new research feature: the Intracardiac Impedance (ICI) measurement.
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