Cardiac stimulation lead Siello Biotronik

Cardiac stimulation lead Siello Biotronik

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The quality solutions for the therapy are provided exceptionally by BIOTRONIK. The technology which is used by the device is the results of technological innovation that sets a new standard and provides reliability efficiently which has been uniquely proved by the safety provided for the patient. The design of the leading series of ultra thin pacing made the implantation easy and easy handling. With the combination of the reliability and exceptional mechanism of safety the product is provided with quality design. The handling is excellent while implantation. The silicone lead body having 5.6F highly flexible and ultra-thin diameter including quality thickness outer insulation and coated with polyurethane offers outstanding handling while implantation and ensures high safety. The myocardial trauma and stress is minimized with its flexible tip which is designed with advanced mechanism of fixation. The fixation of the lead is controlled and smooth. The characteristics of sensing and pacing are balanced with its exceptional technology of fractal coating by which the bio-effective surface area is enlarged. The inflammation is minimized at the site of fixation by steroid elution.
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