Implantable cardiac stimulator Estella DR-T Biotronik

Implantable cardiac stimulator Estella DR-T Biotronik
Estella DR-T

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With unmatched experience in creating excellent solutions for unrivaled patient care, BIOTRONIK portfolio of products speak volumes of their quality of engineering. Their range of class leading pacemakers are designed to provide unique and proven technologies that continue to create new benchmarks. The Estella pacemaker is the newest addition to their lineup features Vp Suppression®, stellar automaticity and BIOTRONIK Home Monitoring®, making it one of the most proven solutions for bradycardia procedures. ProMRI® grants patients instant access to some of the most stellar diagnostic methods due to its authentication on the industries platform of MR conditional devices. With the BIOTRONIK Home Monitoring® sytem, physicians get easier access to their patients round the clock, which ensures that patients receive optimal care at any hour. Vp Suppression® reduces the risk of hospitalization because it provides ventricular pacing only when it is deemed necessary.
  • Configuration:implantable
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