Implantable cardiac stimulator / resynchronization Evia HF-T Biotronik

Implantable cardiac stimulator / resynchronization Evia HF-T Biotronik
Evia HF-T

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Evia HF-T Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy Pacemaker is for patients with heart failure the Evia HF-T series is the first set of cardiac resynchronization therapy devices approved for use in an MRI environment. In addition to the current CRT-P therapy. Key Aspects Series Instant: Evia HF T series instant all the assistance of daily remote patient monitoring with our unique BIOTRONIK Home Monitoring®, plus the well planned trend information available via our Heart Failure Monitor. Approach ProMRI® World: Approach to MRI with ProMRI® World´s first MR Conditional CRT P system wide elite of MR conditional leads for RA, RV and LV function with excellent; handling and optimal electrical performance approach to optimal therapy Capture Control and 6 MultiSelect LV pacing polarities as part of a range of solutions for continuous, effective biventricular pacing without complications. Closed Loop Stimulation: Closed Loop Stimulation to optimize individual rate regulation for patient with chronotropic incompetence . Common: CI is a common comorbidity.
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