Ultima Terabox Light

Ultima Terabox Light
Compact and efficient archiving

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Ultima Terabox Light assures secure archiving of your data and images for short- and medium-term durations. Thanks to its web portal, the product distributes images and clinical reports within your institution or from a distant location. The RAID 5 technology guarantees high security for your archive and allows hot swap of defective hard drives while staying online.




  • Fast and secure archiving, multi-criteria search
  • Real-time DICOM accessibility
  • Storage management in time (compression)
  • Archiving of raw images and reformatted images with annotations


  • Multi-manufacturers, multi-modalities (unlimited connections)
  • Complete communication methods (send, receive, retrieve)
  • Automatic routing to multiple destinations according to rules based on DICOM fields


  • Patient information update (A08)
  • Patient/exam data fusion and reconciliation (A40)
  • Medical Reports Integration (R01)


  • Complete set of measurements & annotations / advanced comparative mode & MPR
  • Web Viewer, unlimited & simultaneous remote connection


  • Cloud sharing of DICOM studies in 1 click
  • Studies, DICOM viewer & clinical report are selected and automatically packaged
  • An e-mail including the link and the password is automatically sent to one or more destinations
  • The e-mail template is completely customizable and includes instructions
  • The expiration date of the stored studies is configurable
  • Data are encrypted (AES 256) and totally secured (SSL protocol)
  • The storage space is certified SSAE16/SOC1, SOC2, ISAE 3402


  • Ergonomic, user-friendly and multifunctional
  • Web architecture, unlimited simultaneous connections from all PCs in your institution
  • Advanced & completely configurable user accounts and administration rights
  • Complete real-time tracking of orders: deleting, media virtualizing, sending, viewing, etc.
  • Complete audit log


  • Creation of clinical reports with images & hyperlinks on Ultima web interface
  • Reports imported in several formats
  • Automatic inclusion of reports through the RIS (HL7)


  • CHENBRO MINI-ITX SQR30169T2Chenbro
  • ULTIMA DICOM SOFTWAREFully DICOM 3.0 Compliant & provides the following DICOM services: •Verify SCU/SCP •Store SCU/SCP •Query/Retrieve SCU/SCP (C-GET/C-MOVE/C-FIND) •Storage commitment SCP •IHE compliant
  • HARDWARE CONFIGURATIONSPatients’ data and database installed on hard drives configured in Raid 5, Automatic e-mail alert in case of hardware errors
  • Possible configurations and storage capacityUltima AL02 2 TB usable, Ultima AL03 3 TB usable, Ultima AL04 4 TB usable
  • OPTION REPLICATORInstantaneous and configurable data replication through the network on an independent storage box
  • OPTION WEB REMOTE ACCESSRemote and secure connection to theTerabox through the web, with different levels of compression for quick viewing
  • OPTION QUALITY CONTROLCorrection of discrepancies between acquired images and patient information associated with those images
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