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Ultima Terabox
Fast secure archiving and distribution

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Ultima Terabox fits seamlessly into your DICOM workflow, assuring secure archiving of your data and images. Thanks to its web portal, Ultima Teraboxdistributes images and clinical reports within your institution or from a distant location. The RAID 6 technology guarantees maximum security for your archive and allows hot swap of defective hard drives while staying online.





  • Fast and secure archiving, multi-criteria search
  • Real-time DICOM accessibility
  • Storage management in time (compression)


  • Multi-manufacturers, multi-modalities (unlimited connections)
  • All communication methods (send, receive, retrieve)
  • Automatic routing to multiple destinations according to rules based on DICOM fields


  • Patient information update (A08)
  • Patient/exam data fusion and reconciliation (A40)
  • Medical Reports Integration (R01)


  • Complete set of measurements & annotations / advanced comparative mode & MPR
  • Web Viewer, unlimited & simultaneous remote connection


  • Cloud sharing of DICOM studies in 1 click
  • Studies, DICOM viewer & clinical report are selected and automatically packaged
  • An e-mail including the link and the password is automatically sent to one or more destinations
  • The e-mail template is completely customizable and includes instructions
  • The expiration date of the stored studies is configurable
  • Data are encrypted (AES 256) and totally secured (SSL protocol)
  • The storage space is certified SSAE16/SOC1, SOC2, ISAE 3402


  • Ergonomic, user-friendly and multifunctional
  • Web architecture, unlimited simultaneous connections from all PCs in your institution
  • Advanced & completely configurable user accounts and administration rights
  • Complete real-time tracking of orders: deleting, media virtualizing, sending, viewing, etc.
  • Complete audit log


  • Creation of clinical reports with images & hyperlinks on Ultima web interface
  • Reports imported in several formats
  • Automatic inclusion of reports through the RIS (HL7)
  • ULTIMA DICOM SOFTWAREFully DICOM 3.0 Compliant & provides the following DICOM services: •Verify SCU/SCP •Store SCU/SCP •Query/Retrieve SCU/SCP (C-GET/C-MOVE/C-FIND) •Storage commitment SCP •IHE compliant
  • HARDWARE CONFIGURATIONS•Patients’ data and database installed on hard drives configured in RAID 6 •Operating system installed on 2 hard drives configured in Raid 1 •Automatic e-mail alert in case of hardware errors
  • Possible configurations: Storage capacity with lossless compressionUltima A075 7.5 TB usable, Ultima A100 10 TB usable, Ultima A150 15 TB usable, Ultima A200 20 TB usable, Ultima A300 30 TB usable
  • OPTION REPLICATORInstantaneous and configurable data replication through the network on an independent storage box
  • OPTION WEB REMOTE ACCESSRemote and secure connection to theTerabox through the web, with different levels of compression for quick viewing
  • OPTION QUALITY CONTROLCorrection of discrepancies between acquired images and patient information associated with those images
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