Ultima Media Importer

Ultima Media Importer
Easily Import & Reconcile your DICOM Studies to Your PACS

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Ultima Media Importer allows you to easily import to your PACS external DICOM studies from disc (CD, DVD, Blu-Ray), USB flash, network folder or shelf archive. Studies are reconciled automatically against your worklist or PACS. Patient demographics and study information can be edited before sending them to the PACS. Ultima Media Importer can be installed on an existing Ultima PC (Burning station or Tera Box) or any PC on your local network. Importing patient data can be as simple as a single click with Ultima Media Importer software.



  • Import external DICOM images from CD, DVD Blu-Ray, USB Flash, Network Folder
  • Import DICOM images from optical discs with or without valid DICOMDIR files
  • Automatic launch when the media is inserted
  • Scan discs or directories for DICOM images with Smart Read, quickly skipping over non-DICOM files allowing the acceleration of the media read speed.
  • Supports all DICOM image syntax including lossy and lossless JPEG and RLE compressed encoding
  • Intuitive tree-based selection process helps locate patients, studies and series on the media (include series preview)
  • Smart Search feature allows automatic query of Worklist and/or PACS server(s) in order to find matching Patients. It provides Score results with most likely results displayed first
  • Consolidated display of patient and study information for each selected study before starting the reconciliation process
  • Manually edit patient demographic information, accession number and study description prior to sending to PACS
  • Easy configuration of an unlimited number of DICOM destinations
  • Automatically send images to a default destination
  • Track all imports with Audit Log, includes date/time, user, original patient/study information, new patient/study information, and the AETitle(s) destination
  • Record all DICOM edits (old and new values) and Importer AETitle in each DICOM file


  • Fully DICOM 3.0 Compliant & provides the following DICOM servicesC-ECHO SCU, C-FIND SCU, C-FIND MWL SCU, C-STORE SCU
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