Ultrasound imaging test phantom / thyroid Yezitronix

Ultrasound imaging test phantom / thyroid Yezitronix

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Yezitronix Ultrasound Thyroid Phantom is a bladder phantom with surrounding tissues designed for training and simulation of medical procedures like needle biopsy, ultrasound scanning and ultrasound guided surgery. The design is inventive and extremely versatile, which makes this an very useful training tool for a number of medical procedures. The thyroid phantom is constructed as a 3D replica of a patient’s thyroid with all of the organs and tissues designed to copy an exact ultrasound echogenicity. It measures 20.5 cm; W= 14 cm; H= 9.3 cm. It comes with thyroid cartilage, thyroid gland, trachea, 2 cysts and 2 lesions.
  • Area of the body:thyroid