Ultrasound imaging test phantom / prostate Yezitronix

Ultrasound imaging test phantom / prostate Yezitronix

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Yezitronix radioactive seeds implantation Model S-B-2.3 is a multi-purpose ultrasound Prostate Phantom conceived and developed for simulation and training for brachytherapy procedures. The device is designed with the S-B-2.3 model which facilitates simulation and training of various ultrasound rectal probes and surgical elements related to the prostate medical procedures. The prostate phantom construct is similar to the 3D shape and size of 40cc Prostate. The device features ultrasounding of the urethra, seminal vesicle, ejaculatory duct, rectal wall, partial bladder, fat muscles, perineal tissues and numerous lesions located inside the prostate. The organs and tissues are correctly positioned to imitate the exact ultrasound echogenicity as visualized by surgeons in OR procedures.
  • Area of the body:prostate