Q-NRG - Metabolic Monitor in ICU

Q-NRG - Metabolic Monitor in ICU

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Q-NRG is the first Indirect Calorimeter specifically intended for the measurement of Resting Energy Expenditure (REE) in patients who are mechanically ventilated or spontaneously breathing and for healthy subjects.
Q-NRG is a unique product, resulting from the COSMED’s collaboration with world-class institutes in the field of nutrition support in intensive care units. This collaboration has made possible the development of an accurate metabolic system easy to use and at the same time resolving all typical pitfalls of the indirect calorimetry technology (no warm-up time, no gas calibrations, etc.).
Q-NRG measures Oxygen Consumption, Carbon Dioxide production and all related metabolic parameters (VE, RQ etc.). Patient Gas exchange is collected via either a disposable flowmeter (mechanically ventilated patients), and/or a canopy hood and oro-nasal face mask (for spontaneously breathing subjects).
Q-NRG is the ultimate tool to understand how to support a patient according to his/her real energy requirement, to help improving nutrition support, glycemic control, reducing ICU length of stay and, ultimately, decreasing costs of the Intensive Care Unit.

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A new industry standard. Q-NRG has been developed in close collaboration with world-class institutes in the field of nutrition support in ICU. Product specifications and concept have been designed together with the ICALIC Trial study group¹.

"Gold standard" measurements. Q-NRG is the result of more than 30 years of experience in the design of metabolic systems. The new calorimeter has been validated in-vitro and in-vivo to achieve the greatest accuracy, with excellent agreement vs. mass spectrometer measurements².

Optimized user experience. Q-NRG has been designed to minimize operations and time to measurement. System does not require warm-up time nor user-assisted calibrations, usability of the device has been designed according to clinical practices and a necessary tool according to published guidelines (ESPEN 2018).

One tool for many applications. Q-NRG provides all the flexibility for a variety of clinical settings, assessing different patient's conditions (mechanically ventilated or spontaneously breathing) and with different techniques (Canopy Hood and/or face masks), from adults to pediatric starting from age of 6.

Designed for ICU. Cleaning procedures are simplified by the design of the product where all surfaces have a rounded shapes. The internal breathing circuit is made to avoid that exhaled breath does not contaminate internal parts.

Latest technology in a compact design. Q-NRG is a compact, lightweight, battery operating device. A 10.1" inches LCD touchscreen simplify access to all operations. Bluetooth, USB and LAN interfaces to connect the system to any hub (PC, printers, EMR, etc.).

Standalone or PC based user mode. Q-NRG can be operated either via the integrated LCD touchscreen or controlled from a computer via OMNIA PC software (optional), with data transfer done wireless through Bluetooth® or USB interfaces.
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