OMNIA - Cardiopulmonary Diagnostics Software

OMNIA - Cardiopulmonary Diagnostics Software

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OMNIA, power and simplicity combined in an innovative user interface… Intuitive, immediate, touchscreen-ready user interface Vista, Win7 and Windows 8 compatibility Included new standards and predicteds according to guidelines from main scientific associations Graphical data presentation both at screen and on printouts with gauges (pictograms) Advanced automatic interpretation tools Database compatible with main hospital medical records standards (GDT, HL7) Full Networking (SQL) and multi-language environment.

Easy to use. Beautifully designed GUI makes complex operations easy to perform, test and interpret.

Versatile. Designed for clinical and research environments.

Integrated. With HL7 connector OMNIA brings productivity and efficiency of the Lab, while integrating it with your Hospital Information System.

You own your data. OMNIA is based on either Express or Standard SQL database to store data securely. SQL language ensures that your database is continuously improved, updated and well maintained.

Modular and scalable. OMNIA is a modular solution that allows you to upgrade at any time according to your specific needs.

Long term investment. OMNIA design, based over the most recent generation of Microsoft programming language, makes easy to follow the evolution of the Microsoft Operative System for the years to come.

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