Quark Spiro - Advanced PC-based Spirometer

Quark Spiro - Advanced PC-based Spirometer
Quark Spiro

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Quark SPIRO is a modern laboratory for complete spirometry testing, with additional sophisticated applications like integrated dosimeter and airway resistance modules. The system is fully modular and offer a choice among three different flowmeter configurations: digital turbine, multi-use pneumotach (X9) and single use pneumotach (Flowsafe). Low maintenance costs, thanks to its iInnovative “plug and play” design, make Quark Spiro the Quark PFT the perfect laboratory for accurate, frequent and reliable spirometry. The system fully complies with ATS/ ERS recommendations for respiratory functionality tests.

True modular design architecture. Modularity allows to configure Quark Spiro according to any kind of requirement. This cost-effective solution gives the opportunity to scale at any time to a more complex configuration.

Flowmeters choice. Quark Spiro can be configured either with multi-use Lilly pneumotach (X9) or with multi-use digital turbine.

Powered by OMNIA. COSMED has developed a contemporary, simple and ergonomic software interface with intuitive workflow and hierarchy. OMNIA is based on standard SQL database to store unlimited data securely and guaranteeing lifetime data ownership.

Simplified workflow. OMNIA user interface and its workflow management have been designed to simplify procedures and to reduce testing time.

Quick and easy calibration procedures. Quark Spiro includes both standard calibration procedures and advanced calibration procedures to verify accuracy, including Pneumotach linearization and verification of all flowmeters (turbine, PNT).

Automatic interpretation of tests based on latest scientific guidelines. OMNIA is supported by a powerful algorithm that automatically process results and provides interpretation text strings, including numerical results and graphical data presentation (pictograms).

Network ready. OMNIA is available both as a single stand-alone workstation or in a client/server configuration for small or very large network environments.

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