Data management software / for archiving / acquisition / control OR Studio S-CAPE

Data management software / for archiving / acquisition / control OR Studio S-CAPE
OR Studio

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The OR Studio module provides the OR with its own documentation solution. This module intelligently supports the OR team with the acquisition, storage, processing and viewing of images, videos, or clinical parameters from any source in the OR. Individual images and video sequences can be recorded and also single images can be captured while recording a video sequence. With the support of the OR Direct module the signal from various devices in the OR can be selected for documentation. Up to two swifty dongles (e.g.foot switch or endoscope control button) are supported. The locally recorded information can be complemented by imported data to form complete patient files/studies. To that purpose images in JPEG, PNG, TIFF, BMP can be imported from network directories, local directories, CD/DVD drives or memory sticks. Images and videos can can be exported in DICOM format as well as in non-DICOM formats as JPEG, PNG, TIFF, BMP and MPEG4. The data export can be done to a target directory of choice as PACS, local directories, network directories, CD/DVD and USB devices. The data export is set up in a configurator where all settings as image and video formats, type of text file, directory destination etc. are defined.
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