Medical management system / operating room OR Hub S-CAPE

Medical management system / operating room OR Hub S-CAPE
OR Hub

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The OR Hub is the centrepiece for the Prime OR integration solution. It is the hardware hub to which all medical devices, displays and other modalities in the OR are connected. The entire OR integration solution is set up and controlled through the central Hub console. The Hub is the command and control center for display and routing of images, video and data. Images and live video can be displayed on the Hub console itself and on additional displays as e.g. pendant-mounted monitors. The operator interface is based on an App-like structure and operated through touch controls or keyboard and mouse. The operator interface can also be accessed through pendant-mounted monitors, separate mobile units or a touchpad tablet. The Hub is housed in a wall-integrated or on-wall medical multiconsole in the OR. The console can be fitted with up to 4 displays in sizes from 21" to 80" and with 4K or Full HD resolution. The Hub displays are protected by non-reflecting safety glass that can be cleaned and desinfected. A large variety of in- and output devices such as barcode reader, audio, iPod and clock display can be integrated in the console.
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