Gel documentation system Gerix 1050 BIOTEC-FISCHER

Gel documentation system Gerix 1050 BIOTEC-FISCHER
Gerix 1050

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Gerix 1050 is an excellent documentation system, suitable for analytical and preparative tasks. Based on the basic system Gerix 1000, it is equipped with UV light (transilluminator 312 nm), white top-light and white light transmission (UV conversion screen). The control of the camera and of the overexposure as well as the storage of the image data is realised by the external control unit. In addition to the automated UV shut-off and the preparative function, the dark hood DH-50 contains a roll-out table for the transilluminator and a UV protection shield. This equipment eases the cutting of bands as well as the positioning and removing of gels considerably. Furthermore, the 10 stepped intensity setting of 10 - 100 % on the UV transilluminator is of high advantage. If requested, the system can be equipped with UV top-light in two wavelengths (e.g. 254 nm, 365 nm) for TLC applications. The printer holder mounted on the side of the Dark hood provides space for the thermal printer P93E or another A6 printer.
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