Gel documentation system Felix 6050 BIOTEC-FISCHER

Gel documentation system Felix 6050 BIOTEC-FISCHER
Felix 6050

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The system Felix 6050 is a professional documentation and quantification system, which distinguish in a highly comfort-table handling, a great Equip-ment and high-quality acqui-sition. Due to the newly developed Super Contrast Transilluminator, different fluo-rescence stains can be exposed with an improved proof sensi-tivity and a brilliant signal contrast - without changing the filter. The functionality of the dark hood DH-50 (roll-out table, UV protection shield) and of the transilluminator (intensity setting 10 - 100 %) allow a comfortable preparative work. The high resolution, the huge linear dynamic range and the excellent proof sensitivity are very advantageous for analytic applications. The software packages argusX1® incl. the additional modules User administration and GLP as well as Gelix One® 230 are part of the systems. If requested, the systems can be equipped with UV top-light in two wavelengths. Closed dark hood Roll out table for UV-Transilluminator UV-Protection shield UV-Transilluminator CCD-Kamera (1392 x 1400 pixel) Internal 12-Bit grey levels (8-Bit extern) Manual zoom lenses (6x , F1.0) Image acquisition software Max. integration time 65 sek. Video Printer (optional) UV/White light conversion plate Labimage” analysis software
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