Gel documentation system Felix 1040 BIOTEC-FISCHER

Gel documentation system Felix 1040 BIOTEC-FISCHER
Felix 1040

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Felix 1040 and Felix 2040 are comfortable documentation systems with various application possibilities as well as a complete control of the camera and the motorzoom objective. The equipment with UV transillu-minator, white top-light and white light transmission (UV conversion screen) enables fluorescence and white light acquisitions, such as gels, films, blots and Petri dishes. The intensity switch 50/100% on the transilluminator allows the change between preparative and analytic applications. The dark hood is equipped with an automatic UV shut-off when open the door. Inspecting the gels under UV light can be realised with the preparativ function. If requested, a UV protection shield can be used in th edark hood DH-40. The gel documentation systems Felix 1040/Felix 2040 are equipped with the powerful software packages argusX1® incl. the additional module User administration and Gelix One® 220 (1D analysis).
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