Electrophoresis power supply PHERO-STAB 0305-E BIOTEC-FISCHER

Electrophoresis power supply PHERO-STAB 0305-E BIOTEC-FISCHER

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The PHERO-stab 0305E The electrophoresis power supply PHERO-STAB 0305E is a reliable, high-performance power supply which is specially developed to meet the demands of daily practice. It has been in use for more than 3 years in electrophoresis laboratories throughout the world, where they have become an essential tool. They are very easy to operate and ideally suited to hard, routine work. Timer The PHERO-stab 0305E is fitted with a timer as standard. It is able to run time controled tests until 99 minutes. If needed the timer of PHERO-stab 0305E can be switched off so the power supply runs until it will be switched off. Safeguard against power failure Sudden power failure has no effect PHERO-stab 0305E power supply.
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