Gel documentation system Felix 1010 BIOTEC-FISCHER

Gel documentation system Felix 1010 BIOTEC-FISCHER
Felix 1010

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The PC-controlled gel documentation systems Felix 1010 and Felix 2010 are based on a digital camera. They are user-friendly and distinguish by their high resolution. The complete control of the camera and the motorzoom objective is realised via the biostep PC-software argusX1®. The program contains many functions for the image processing. An integrated data base serves for the clear administration of large data amounts. Two digital camera models are available which differ in their resolution, sensitivity and equipment. In addition to the transportable set-top dark hood, the systems consist of a UV transilluminator. In dependence on their application, they can also be placed over any other transilluminator with a maximum filter size of 23 x 30 cm. Felix 1010 and 2010 are optionally upgradable, e. g. with a PC, thermal printer P93DW and analysis software. Removable dark hood UV-Transilluminator Digital camera (5 MPixel) 8-Bit grey level / 24-Bit color Motorized zoom lenses Image acquisition software
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