Electronic oxygen conserver AEROway® HUM

Electronic oxygen conserver AEROway® HUM

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The AEROway EOC is a very cost-efficient machine that offers aample movement for its users. There is a huge saving ratio of oxygen use of just 7:1, with a breathing rate of 15 breaths per minute. There is an extensive battery life of about 175 hours. It offers easy and secure operation, with an easy-to-read LCD display. It has a useful two-key operation with oxygen in and out connectors. The Intelligent Alarm Management is both acoustic and optical. Also, there is an urgent operation that allows for constant flow adapter. The exceptional oxygen therapy has an extensive range of 0.5 l/minute to 8 liters/minute with 16 program levels. This offers identical therapeutic benefits and can be compared to continuous oxygen supply. There is also an oxygen supply that is controlled by one's breath. The fine oxygen demand dosage is 4.4 ml to 70 ml, and is able to be used for gaseous and liquid oxygen. Sensitive breath detection is also available.
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