Emergency pouch / back AEROcase® Pro1R PL1C HUM

Emergency pouch / back AEROcase® Pro1R PL1C HUM
AEROcase® Pro1R PL1C

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The AEROcase® Pro1R PL1C backpack is made of topnotch quality materials designed to help medical professionals organize and transport their medical equipment and medicines needed for an emergency response. It features a folding-out mechanism and a spacious interior storage with 5 compartments, 2 of which are detachable and can be placed inside the front pocket. The detachable pockets come with elastic attachment straps and lockable main pocket with cover flap and hook-and-loop fastener. The side and bottom areas of the backpack are hard-padded, while the shoulder straps are soft-padded and features a quick-release waist- and upper body-belts that make for an emergency backpack that is comfortable to carry and at the same time can securely store equipment.
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