Emergency medical bag AEROcase® Pro1R BL1 HUM

Emergency medical bag AEROcase® Pro1R BL1 HUM
AEROcase® Pro1R BL1

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The AEROcase Pro1R BL1 bag is useful for handling first aid materials and can work in many situations. It has a large space for larger bits of equipment and uses a zipper within its cover. The unit is designed with a divider system and uses a robust elastic strap with a sensible interior and side pocket setup to make it work right. The interior has a variable design that can be moved or removed as needed. The unit is made with reinforced outer walls and is totally padded. The front pocket folds out and uses one of many straps for different sizes. This is ideal for when diagnostic equipment has to be stored. This can be worn with a shoulder strap or with back straps and even uses free hands to make it easier to move around while carrying it.
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