Emergency medical bag AEROcase® Pro1R BL1 Plan HUM

Emergency medical bag AEROcase® Pro1R BL1 Plan HUM
AEROcase® Pro1R BL1 Plan

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Die AEROcase® Pro1R BL1 serves as an ideal emergency bag for professional first aid. The bag is designed with interior compartments, side pocket, front pocket and divided front pocket. The bag offers versatile wearing options such as back straps in the pocket on the backside, with additional shoulder strap or handled with free hands for more mobility. The large inner space stores extensive equipment. The zipper compartment is within the cover. The bag features structured, practical interior layout and an interior with variable divider system. The interior, side and front pocket contains Robust elastic attachment straps (quality A). The variable interior is movable and removable. The reinforced outer walls, complete padding and protected bottom area provides ultimate protection. Divided front pocket includes fold-out-front, several size dividers and useful straps for storing infusion accessories, diagnostic equipment, etc.
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