Oxygen bag AEROcase® L Plan HUM

Oxygen bag AEROcase® L Plan HUM
AEROcase® L Plan

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This device is the best of its kind! It holds the solution for O2 cylinders that hold up to 5 liters. There is complete padded oxygen bag that has a lot of room for storing O2 bottle and flow regulators, demand valves, resuscitation bag, O2 masks, and any other devices and equipment that might be needed. This bag holds so much, yet is not at all oversized. There is a huge storage areas that can hold any and all equipment for oxygen. The main pocket has a bottle holder. The exterior front pocket can hold the flow regulator, demand valve, resuscitation bag, oxygen mask and anything else needed in emergency resuscitations. There are clamping straps to keep the bag from completely opening. The inside of the bag has light-gray, easy-to-clean, and stone material. The front of the baby can hold small items with an easy-access pocket. There is an option that can control O2 flow because of the easy-access window with a hole and loop system. The constant regulation of oxygen is both fast to access and easy to carry. The shoulder strap is padded and fastened for added mobility.
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