EEG software / medical EEG DigiTrack VEP ELMIKO Medical Equipment

EEG software / medical EEG DigiTrack VEP ELMIKO Medical Equipment
EEG DigiTrack VEP

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An advanced Visual Evoked Potential module is a new application in the product family EEG DigiTrack. It distinguishes for the user-friendly interface and innovative methods of visualization of gathered potentials. Apart from the preview of averaged potentials there is a possibility of viewing, marking and rejecting momentary potentials. Statistics view enables to compare the results of averaging from several examinations. It is very convenient for the user thanks to the following solutions: cursor showing signal parameters (milliseconds, microvolts), three modes of displaying of the averaged signal: final averaging, partial averaging (overlapping), partial averaging (vertically separated), the possibility of defining own combinations of waves (automatically inserted), configuration of the kind of the stimulation (flash/pattern) and the parameters of the stimulation: frequency and randomisation of stimulus, the quantity of averaging after which the stimulation automatically stops, the settings of the pattern: a quarter of the screen, a half of the screen, the full screen, settings of the eye-gaze point: shape, colour and location.
  • Application domain:EEG, medical
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