EEG software / medical EEG DigiTrack ELMIKO Medical Equipment

EEG software / medical EEG DigiTrack ELMIKO Medical Equipment
EEG DigiTrack

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Main features of the EEG DigiTrack software: Viewing the EEG with the time constant 3 cm/s (it is possible to change the time constant), Many modes of viewing the EEG (automatic, manual, panning, paging, etc.) Unlimited montages defined by user, Possibility of export the examination to CD/DVD or to pendrive with or without external viewer, Data export to EDF or ASCII, Import EDF files from other devices, The analysis of the EEG is very convenient - the unique digital ruler enables the exact measurement of amplitude, wave frequency and frequency of the dominant wave, Automatic analysis of the EEG. The information about the dominant frequency out of the four rhythms in the whole EEG or in the selected fragment is displayed on the monitor (spectral analysis) User friendly patients database allows patient data collection, entering the description of tests, searching patients on the basis of determined criteria, creating statistics, test results printing
  • Application domain:EEG, medical
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