32-channel electroencephalograph EEG DigiTrack simplEEG ELMIKO Medical Equipment

32-channel electroencephalograph EEG DigiTrack simplEEG ELMIKO Medical Equipment
EEG DigiTrack simplEEG

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Single-Station EEG DigiTrack simplEEG device for the digital EEG signal acquisition and analysis. Device features: 32 or 42 channel EEG amplifier, Computer (PC) with Hard Disk min. 500 GB, DVD recorder for EEG data archiving, LCD monitor min 21, Laser printer for EEG printing (it is possible to print the whole EEG or selected fragments), Uninterruptible Power Supplier that provides emergency power in case of the failure in the power supply, Computer-controlled photostimulator. It could be fully customized by the User (it is possible to enter unlimited number of photostimulation sequences that enable to set up the flash frequency, the duration of the flash and the duration of the pause between the flash series), Unlimited montages of electrodes EEG DigiTrack software for recording, viewing and analysis of the EEG signal. It enables smooth viewing and the change of the scale of the EEG fragments. There are many other functions, for example the spectral analysis of any fragment of the EEG. Patient Database software enables patient registration, examination management and creating statistics, Accessories: trolley with surge protector, set of cable, stands, stimulator holders and head holders, EEG cap, set of electrodes with cables
  • Number of channels:32-channel
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