EEG amplifier EEG DigiTrack proEEG_64 ELMIKO Medical Equipment

EEG amplifier EEG DigiTrack proEEG_64 ELMIKO Medical Equipment
EEG DigiTrack proEEG_64

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Professional EEG devices designed for digital registration and analysis of EEG signal in everyday medical practice as well as in the scientific and research applications. Thanks to the possibility of modular connection of amplifiers (max. four 64-channel aplifiers) the device can be configured as 64-, 128-, 192-, 256-channel appliance. This feature meets the most avanced Users needs as well as the requirements of the most complex scientific research. Main features of proEEG devices: 64-channel amplifier (with the possibilty of modular connection of max. four amplifiers to configure the device of max. 256 channels) extremely flat, the smallest EEG amplifier in the world - 10x9x1 cm and 100g weight only quick fastening of electrodes thanks to clip-on system 68-pin output connector for the automatic headcap advanced digital filtering FIR - 40dB (!) with 1/2 sampling rate active ground reference G1 i G2 allows to obtain the best signal even in electrically noisy environment separate channel for Sp02 sensor separate channel [event] for events defined by patient automatc calibration
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