EEG mapping system EEG DigiTrack ELMIKO Medical Equipment

EEG mapping system EEG DigiTrack ELMIKO Medical Equipment
EEG DigiTrack

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The EEG DigiTrack 3-D MAPPING software package is a very advanced tool for the analysis of the EEG. 3-D Mapping software functions: Displaying isometric maps Maps are projected onto a head or brain model Free rotation of a head or brain model Map zoom in and zoom out Display of a 2D and 3D brain map There are following options of a brain map display: 2D- and 3D-Mapping Potential mapping Surface current density mapping (SCD) Potential change velocity mapping (time derivative) Relative power spectrum mapping % Absolute power spectrum mapping % (RMS) Potential asymmetry mapping Coherence mapping and its phase for leads Dominant frequency and centre of gravity mapping Preview of the electrode value and selected point of the map Automatic adjustment of the color scale Mapping with the application of the ear reference electrodes, Goldman electrode (avaraged), Cz, Fz or laplacian Display of many maps (from the determined range) Application of various value interpolation methods Mapping of the skull and the brain model in 3D Maps could be printed in color and in grayscale Display of isolines
  • Application domain:EEG
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