Digital camera / for patient monitoring / 3D / USB Silhouette TigerView

Digital camera / for patient monitoring / 3D / USB Silhouette TigerView

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The Silhouette wound assessment and management system is accurate, fast and easy to use. It addresses the risk and cost of inconsistent assessments, manual documentation and inaccurate measurements, enabling you to streamline wound care and focus on what is most important the patient. Silhouette is a small, handheld, lightweight camera used at the point of care to create high quality wound images which are automatically measured in 3D (area, depth, volume and perimeter) and documented using SilhouetteConnect software. The SilhouetteCentral database enables the sharing, monitoring and reporting of wound information gathered at the point of care. It is easily integrated into EMR systems. Silhouette connects via USB to a computer, capturing all information required to measure a wound in a single photograph.
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