Archiving transmission system TigerView

Archiving transmission system TigerView

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Televere Systems TigerView PACS offers workflow specific to your market. Defining market needs and developing a PACS product affordable for the consumer is always the underlying focus for a Televere Systems product. Advanced Diagnostic Tools and Specific Measurements - Manipulate crystal clear images. Easily review angles and measurements, find the midline and center point, utilize stitching, cropping and magnification tools which help to better diagnosis and communicate with your patients. TigerView measurements include: Line Measurements, Area Measurement, Angle Measurement, Cobbs Angle Measurement, Inter-Metatarsal Angle Measurement, Hallux Abductus Angle Measurement. TigerView also has is the ability for you to stack both measurements and annotations. Other measurements include: Metatarsus Abductus Angle, PASA-Proximal Articular Set Angle, Hallux Valgus, Tangential Angle to the Second Axis, Distal Articular Set Angle, Metatarsal Joint Articulation, Distal Articular Set Angle, HAIP Hallux Abductus Interphalangeus Angle, TCA Talo-Calcaneal Angle, TNA Talo-Navicular Angle, CAA Cuboid Abduction Angle and Kites angle. PACS Viewer - Modality support Computed Radiography (CR) Direct Digital Radiography (DR) Ultrasound (US) Video clips from fluoroscopes Digitized x-ray film Color digital camera images for morphing and wound care progression Intra-oral cameras Extra-oral cameras