Compact electrophoresis chamber TANK MODELL 1000 BIOTEC-FISCHER

Compact electrophoresis chamber TANK MODELL 1000 BIOTEC-FISCHER

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Universal The electrophoresis chamber model 1000 is a universal system for se-rum protein, lipoprotein, Hb-A1 and haemoglobin -electropho-resis as well as electro-phoresis of concentrated urine and CSF. Up to 24 samples can be electrophore-tically separated simultaneously. It can accommodate all the strip bridges for commercially available application systems (e.g. PRA and CEL, Bender & Hobein, Boskamp, Paragon Immuno-fixation, etc.). Safe As a safety precaution, lifting the lid immediately stops the supply of electric current. This guarantees a high degree of safety for the user. The two connecting cables are permanently fitted to the cover of the chamber, ensuring that they are never mixed up and the user cannot touch live parts. Robust The buffer tank and the safety cover of the model 1000 are made from strong, hard-wearing plexi-glass. This makes the unit very robust and damage-resistant.
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