Aortic valve bioprosthesis Freedom Solo Sorin

Aortic valve bioprosthesis Freedom Solo Sorin
Freedom Solo

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Sorin Group, known for their outstanding products and excel in terms of being reliable and durable brings Freedom Solo, that offers complete and fast recovery of Left Ventricular Mass, while restoring the heart function effectively and rapidly at the same time. Absence of minimal pericardial tissue and rigid frame helps the device to function well under exercise. Freedom Solo serves as a normal healthy valve along with native-like performance. The Supra-annular seating permits valve's internal orifice to be aligned with the patient's tissue annulus, therefore providing an orifice-to annulus ratio of 100%. In addition to this, Supra-annular seating permits blood flow maximization in order to obtain outstanding hemodynamic performance along with allowing fast restoration of left ventricular function. Well-designed single-suture line implant technique facilitates easy suturing. Absence of synthetic material reduces the chance of foreign body infection and reaction. The detoxified and implant ready Freedom Solo can be stored in aldehyde-free solution, eliminating need of rinsing prior to implant. In addition to these, Sorin's Freedom Solo facilitates exclusive detoxification treatment meant in order to reduce calcium intake.
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