Supra-annular valve prosthesis / aortic Carbomedics Top Hat Sorin

Supra-annular valve prosthesis / aortic Carbomedics Top Hat Sorin
Carbomedics Top Hat

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For implantation, the product has a supra annular design containing annulus without any valve unit. It does not have any ventricular protrusions which gives strong positioning. Particular seizer provides estimation of position of the valve and coronaries clearing before implantation. The rotation in situ is provided by titanium stiffening ring. It gives constant, easier and convenient suturing. The product can also be considered for the clinical use. The supra annular design provides for one or two increase in size within the annular valves. Besides the adjustable size which ensures optimum flow of blood, it also provides maximum orifice to annulus matching with any valve. It provides ensured alternates to enlargement of aortic root. The valve related activity can be done safely and easily in the clinic. Titanium stiffening ring reduces the chance of leaflet lock up or escape. The product can be used in case of common sinus area, MIS and DVR process, extreme calcific aortic annulus and small aortic annulus. The product is laden with an unquestionable security and clinical record in the field of valve related issues.
  • Cardiovascular system :supra-annular, aortic
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