Ascending aorta prosthesis Carbomedics Carbo-Seal Valsalva Sorin

Ascending aorta prosthesis Carbomedics Carbo-Seal Valsalva Sorin
Carbomedics Carbo-Seal Valsalva

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The state of the art Carbomedics Carbo-Seal Valsalva encourages coronary anastomosis it provides vertical orientation of for pleats. The Resistant graft material does not fray encourages quick sealing of suture holes which reduces blood loss, easier to handle when compared to velour which is bulkier. The low weight promotes less weeping, leakage and blushing. The cork shaped sewing cuff is pliable and will conform to annulus, minimizes perivalvular leaks should they happen. Stiffening rings are made from titanium which allows rotatability in the valve in-situ. Clinicians will benefit from faster healings provided by grafts which is infused with cross linked gelatin. Promotes secure neo-intimal attachment, this reduces inflammation. The collagen gel hydrolyzes in 14 days. Reductions in stress on coronary anastomose as the sinus of Valsalva replicates the native sinus. Natural formation is encouraged in the systolic vortex because of the sinus design.
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