Wrist strap (orthopedic immobilization) AM-SN-01 Reh4Mat

Wrist strap (orthopedic immobilization) AM-SN-01 Reh4Mat

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Wrapping around Wrist support made of perforated ActivPren and covered on both sides with a thin polyester fabric. The orthosis is equipped with a fastening tape and a polyamide clip allowing stabilization of the joint providing alleviation of stress from forearm and hand muscles. The use of Wrist support is recommended for sport exercise and work. Indications: -Chronic overstress and inflammation of wrist; -After injury and treatment of wrist and forearm (including fracture of forearm) - In Sport,Chronic overstress and inflammation of epicondylitis (tennis elbow) reduction of problems
  • Type:wrist strap
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