Knee splint (orthopedic immobilization) / articulated AM-OSK-OL/1R-01 Reh4Mat

Knee splint (orthopedic immobilization) / articulated AM-OSK-OL/1R-01 Reh4Mat

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The braces are intended for long-time using in patients with complicated knee instability (partly or complete ACL rupture), which is result of early injuries (before or postoperative) or after joint conditions. Anatomic profiled splints increase the control of knee movement and provide additionally support points in hinges of the brace (5 and 6 point) by using sides pellotes. It increases control of movement in frontal and rotation plate. The anatomic fitting the brace to the limb is supported by anatomic drop lock. The AM-OSK-OL/1R-01 brace provides excellent knee stabilization, including frontal and sagittal plate and control of rotation movement, what allows to replace partly injured ligaments and articular capsule. The brace is made of innovative material ProSIX. This material assures great durability and resistance to mechanical damages. Thank to that, the brace can be used by patients during the long-term rehabilitation process. The device is equipped with two independent support straps made of VELCRO tapes and two 2-axial sides splints 1R orthodesign.
  • Type:knee splint
  • Options:articulated
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