Knee splint (orthopedic immobilization) / articulated AM-KD-AM/1R-01 Reh4Mat

Knee splint (orthopedic immobilization) / articulated AM-KD-AM/1R-01 Reh4Mat

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The device is provided with 1-axial sides splints made of polyamide with the carbon fibres. The system of splints in the brace and their stability allow to adhere perfectly to the limb and also enable to stabilize the joint excellently. Splints are provided with drop lock, which allows to flexion and extension adjustment in every 15°. Such precise regulation of the device facilitates the process of rehabilitation of damaged knee joint. Is it possible also to immobilize the knee in 0o when is it necessary. Replacing of traditional metal splint with our innovative solution allows to decrease the weight of the brace a few times. The Po-operative knee brace is made of ActiveDistance II, which consists of polyurethane foam covered two-sidedly with lining fabric, which is easy to attach. System of Velcro tapes which assure proper adhesion the device to the body and more effective stabilization of limb. . it is easy to fit the brace to lower limbs shape, even in patients with huge thigh and shin disproportions or in case of knee swelling.
  • Options:articulated
  • Type:knee splint
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