Elbow sleeve (orthopedic immobilization) EB-L Reh4Mat

Elbow sleeve (orthopedic immobilization) EB-L Reh4Mat

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Made of ProFit fabric, equipped with elastic, lateral whalebones stabilizing the elbow joint and binding VELCRO tapes for better fit to the limb. There is a possibility to set up the angle of extension of the elbow joint. It stabilizes the joint and releases stress from forearm and arm muscles. Applying - after injury and treatment of elbow joint and forearm - in chronic severe pain syndrome of elbow joint caused by injury or overstress; - chronic overstress and inflammation of epicondylitis (tennis elbow) reduction of problems, help in healing process - in sport: injury prevention and to increase the strength of arm in tennis, golf, badminton, team sports - hard physical work connected with rotating movement of fore-arm and hand against resistance.
  • Type:elbow sleeve
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