Shoulder splint (orthopedic immobilization) AM-KOB Reh4Mat

Shoulder splint (orthopedic immobilization) AM-KOB Reh4Mat

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Orthopaedic shoulder immobilizer? was made of Activ Distance material with Air Supply System. It enables air supply thanks to which the product is more comfortable and, moreover, patient can keep a suitable personal hygiene. . Anatomic shape of the product and scale of sizes make it possible to adjust vest to patients body. What is more, this vest possesses the bilateral fitting on function thanks to which it may be used on both right and left shoulder. It has also a sticker which enables precise fixing of limbs position, according to doctors recommendations. Should be applied in cases of: - dislocations (as temporary protection) in shoulder joint, - severe pain complexes in shoulder joint, - injuries of soft tissues of trunk, - operations of shoulder joint, - necessity of supporting and partial immobilizing of upper limb, - after taking off the plaster dressing as stabilizer of shoulder.
  • Type:shoulder splint
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