Sacral support belt / lumbar / lumbosacral (LSO) / rigid AS-LK-02 Reh4Mat

Sacral support belt / lumbar / lumbosacral (LSO) / rigid AS-LK-02 Reh4Mat

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Male lumbosacral brace STEFDA helps to relieve the lumbar pain and prevents against muscles cramps. It is made of innovative spatial textile called Active Space. Double layer construction 3D allows to fit device and maintain proper compression precisely. Internal layer is made of cotton terry which is breathable and friendly for patient’s skin and doesn’t caused chafes or lesions. The brace is made of two separated parts with anatomic shape. This solution allows to fit it precisely and free space between these parts ventilates the lumbosacral spine. In the rear part are elastic pockets where is it possible to input supporting lumbar pelottes made of special foam. The device can be used with this pellotes or without. In addition, there is rear compression system TapeLacing, which allows to set adequate compression. This system is mounted with Velcro straps what adjust the device to the patient’s body precisely. The wide non-elastic circumferential strap is stabilizing element which adjusts pressure in L-S part of the brace. AS-LK-02 stabilizes lumbar spine by supporting the abdominal muscles. By maintaining the constant temperature and elastic pressure it relieves the pain caused by stress, injuries or degeneration. Brace is especially recommended for athletes, because of breathable material.
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